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Fila Brasileiro Temperament and Lifespan

Fila Brasileiro is a serious powerful dog with great guardian qualities. It is ideal for the protection of private areas. The dog is fearlessness, some arrogant to outsiders showing aggression and anger. It has great physical strength. This dog is definitely not for everyone.

They are very dedicated and loyal, loving dogs but not every can curb this incredibly strong-willed and strong dog. The dogs usually live 11-14 years. These animals without coarseness understand what you want them to do. Use the method of promotion. Do not punish the dog, if it does not go to its place, and takes place near you. In fact it was a born to be a defender, which is going to be near 24 hours a day.

How Much Does a Fila Brasileiro Cost and Price Range

The price for this dog varies from $600 to $1000 depending on the breeder and the place you are going to buy your dog. The quality of the dog also matters much as the breed and show quality dogs cost more -

Fila Brasileiro Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The coat of Fila Brasileiro is short and dense. Colour can be all shades of yellow, brindle, white with large spots, gray. There may be a black mask and black ears. White spots may be on the feet, chest, neck and face. Fila cannot be black. This indicates that the dog is a mestizo with a German mastiff or the Neapolitan Mastiff. Another feature of the Fila is their so-called camel step. It means that they simultaneously move the two limbs on the one side. It is believed that it is due to such features, these dogs can travel great distances with minimal energy consumption. This is a typical Molossian breed. Modern Fila Brasileiro is a large, powerful dog (height at the withers: males - 65-75 cm, females - 60-70 cm, average weight - 40-50 kg).

Fila Brasileiro Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Fila Brasileiro is very smart and clever dog. It always knows exactly what you want from it and learns fast. Remember that dogs live on the basis of the pack, and they will obey only the leader. It is very strong physically with the difficult character that requires a respectful attitude. Fila used to hunt for jaguars. Can you imagine how powerful temperament of the dog is? Therefore, not everyone can cope with it.

You must be an experienced and knowledgeable breeder to raise this dog correctly. With the proper education these animals do not show aggression, behave calmly and balanced. Representatives of this breed are very important to teach a child to communicate with other dogs, but do not let your pet off the leash. If you do not want to take the dog to hunt, do not encourage his hunting instinct. D